Thursday, September 12, 2013

5C iPhone vs HTC One Mini, the iOS vs Android in the middle class - Internet Zone

On the one hand is not necessarily like that type of comparison, because I think that the operating system is a matter of taste, but all in all both offer similar solutions, as well as the first appearance of such a choice option in the middle class, it was hard to resist. On one side we have, therefore, an iPhone 5C, on the other HTC One Miini. I think it’s the same weight.

HTC One Mini is a smartphone, which, a priori, can be compared with iPhone , m 5C – a strong class, but when I go to concrete, we realize that there are a few details, acting in favor of the former. Already explains.


components, which includes each of the two devices are quite different. And so, the processor is a dual-core iPhone 5C A6 clocked at 1GHz, while the HTC One Mini also comes with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 . except that the 1.4 GHz and so in theory should be faster than the rival Apple, and yet does not offer better performance due to optimization software (iOS only for Apple, Android – for everything that is …).

As for the display, it’s funny how in the last few years have changed the guidelines for the “mini”, as in the case of HTC is now 4.3-inch , which is more than the last three iPhones, the 5C inclusive – are rigidly adhere to 4 inches . There is, however, less better.

As for the cameras, dealing with iSight Apple 8 megapixel matrix versus UltraPixel HTC, but the sensor 4 MP , so at this point I think now there is no doubt.

connectivity of both devices is complete, ensuring compatibility with 4G LTE networks.

iphone 5c


iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C compared to the HTC One Mini hardware is not better or worse. Although, for example, the CPU is slower, it is able to provide better performance than a smartphone in Taiwan. Why is that? For Apple’s priority is to complete the fit and use according hardware-software , and taking into account the fact that it develops its own software, adapt it perfectly to your device, providing optimal performance even cheaper hardware.

We are tempted to say that the iPhone 5C wins in terms of the camera, but megapixels are not everything. Yes, we know that the same would bring very, very satisfactory results in the top five, but One Minite? falls not bad at all.

At first glance, one might say that the iPhone 5C has a worse performance than the HTC One Mini, but do not be fooled – despite the fun of the project, the cabinet is not made of plastic, but of polycarbonate.



HTC One Mini

First, you have to admit that the HTC One Mini also offers excellent design and materials (such finish usually reserved for high-end), which will leave you in the shadow of Apple’s polycarbonate. In addition, the HTC One Mini is compact, despite its larger screen and Beats Audio, which delivers exceptional sound quality.

It’s all so far, however, details of which can be more or less appeal to. What really puts Apple on the shoulder is price . While the HTC One Mini costs 429 euros, the iPhone 5S is to have cost 599 euros! At the finish … The verdict? I leave you.

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